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TurfManzi Irrigation provides businesses throughout South Africa with the best in turf irrigation services. On top of this, we boast several different services which allow our clients to appreciate their landscape year round.

Our goal is to ensure that your company receives the most out of our irrigation systems all while cutting costs. Moreover, we provide the expertise to grow and develop your landscape.

Our ability to enhance your space all while cutting costs has made TurfManzi Irrigation one of the sought after landscape and irrigation companies in South Africa.

Browse through our website to find the services which you require. We guarantee that your needs will be met when we work together.

Alternatively you can contact us today for more information regarding our services.

Our Vision

As we expand on our development and maintenance brand TurfManzi Irrigation will always strive for excellence. We seek to decrease your expenditure and our own environmental impact with minimal wastage.

Our use of advanced technology allows us to perfectly utilise irrigation systems. This includes timed watering and the amount of water which will be used for specific landscapes and vegetation.

Our monitoring systems provide us with the equipment to maximise the effectiveness of your pre-existing systems. TurfManzi Irrigation can also ensure that your space will be tracked for best performance usage.

Our team of specialists know exactly what you need and will provide you with the systems and the maintenance which will turn your dry patch into a blossoming and healthy space.

See fast and efficient growth with us as we improve the aesthetic of your location. Furthermore, allow us to use the latest technology to pinpoint exactly the source of the issue so that we can fix it.

Visit our other pages today and start your journey towards a more healthier landscape.

The correct irrigation which fits within your own area and budget requirements will be installed. After this, the system will be used with a positive development plan being used throughout.

Last but not least, we use alternative energy solutions as we work together to decrease your environmental impact all while giving you the turf of your dreams.

Our Services

Turfmanzi Irrigation - Services

Consultancy: Design & Project Management

Expertise include irrigation systems, pump stations, electrical control panels, water purification plants and alternative energy solutions.

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Turfmanzi Irrigation - At Work

Irrigation Audits

Our irrigation managers is able to properly assess the performance of your system and take timely decisions of adjustments, service and maintenance.

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Turfmanzi Irrigation - Excellent Services

Irrigation Water Management

Our irrigation managers are able to properly assess the performance of your system and take timely decisions of adjustments, service and maintenance.

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Turfmanzi Irrigation - Turf Irrigation

New Irrigation Systems

A quality installed irrigation system translates into minimal maintenance and future savings to your watering investment

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Aftersales @ Turfmanzi Irrigation

Irrigation Repairs and Maintenance

Visit our online shop for all your domestic irrigation requirements from leading irrigation products.

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Turfmanzi Irrigation - Golf Course Irrigation

Technical Support & Training

Why not get support training in the latest products to upskill yourself?

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