About TurfManzi Irrigation

TurfManzi Irrigation (TMI) is a integrated irrigation solution company and has been delivering professional turnkey turf irrigation services to the Southern African market since 1999.

TurfManzi have more recently expanded our turf irrigation services to the Sub Saharan Africa market due to international agencies acquired.

We have in recent years also extended our expertise into areas of alternative water source and wet services to ensure that we reduce our footprint of municipal consumption by using alternative water source to ensure a sustainable future for our limited and valued resources.

At TurfManzi Irrigation Solutions our highly skilled staff members in their respective divisions have over 100 years of experience combined thus allowing us to offer our clients a wealth of experience and expertise to ensure a smooth transition of operations.

Our mission statement have always been reduced potable water consumption, to find or create non potable solutions, while increasing the efficiencies of our turf irrigation systems with the latest innovative products, technology or tools available to us.

With the vulnerability of our water resources increasing, we feel that turf irrigation systems are substantial and responsible investments, that is why Turfmanzi Irrigation’s (TMI) services are firstly built around the need for a greener presence, and secondly, customized to customer’s needs.

Give us the opportunity to get involved in your project to allow us to showcase our services while saving on your budget!

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Our Markets

TurfManzi Irrigation (TMI) both installs new irrigation and pump systems and performs upgrades and optimizations of existing systems. We are preferred installers of major irrigation brands in the following applications:

  • Golf Course Irrigation
  • Turf and Landscape Irrigation
  • Sport-field Irrigation
  • Agricultural Irrigation
  • Astroturf Wet based Irrigation
  • Dust suppression
  • Green Wall & Indoor Irrigation
  • Central Control Irrigation Software
  • Smart Irrigation Software
  • Boreholes
  • Pump stations
  • Water purification plants
  • Grey water systems
  • Rainwater Harvesting Systems
  • Water Recycling Systems
  • Storage tanks and reservoirs
Turfmanzi Irrigation - Golf Irrigation
Turfmanzi Irrigation - Golf Course Irrigation
Turfmanzi Irrigation - Service Excellence
Turfmanzi Irrigation - Field Irrigation
Golf Course Irrigation Installations - Turfmanzi Irrigation
Irrigation Installations - Turfmanzi Irrigation
School Field Irrigation - Turfmanzi Irrigation
Irrigation Companies - Turfmanzi Irrigation

Our Services

Turfmanzi Irrigation - Services

Consultancy: Design & Project Management

Expertise include irrigation systems, pump stations, electrical control panels, water purification plants and alternative energy solutions.

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Turfmanzi Irrigation - At Work

Irrigation Audits

Our irrigation managers is able to properly assess the performance of your system and take timely decisions of adjustments, service and maintenance.

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Turfmanzi Irrigation - Excellent Services

Irrigation Water Management

Our irrigation managers are able to properly assess the performance of your system and take timely decisions of adjustments, service and maintenance.

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Turfmanzi Irrigation - Turf Irrigation

New Irrigation Systems

A quality installed irrigation system translates into minimal maintenance and future savings to your watering investment

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Aftersales @ Turfmanzi Irrigation

Irrigation Repairs and Maintenance

Visit our online shop for all your domestic irrigation requirements from leading irrigation products.

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Turfmanzi Irrigation - Golf Course Irrigation

Technical Support & Training

Why not get support training in the latest products to upskill yourself?

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