Boschenmeer Golf Estate – Paarl Golf Club

Commencement of the new decoder central control system began September 2021 and was completed during February 2022.

Work done at Paarl Golf Course:

Trenched and laid 16,500m new [sleeved] two-wire decoder control cable throughout.

Removed 22 old satellite control boxes and replaced with 3 new decoder satellite hubs [1 per 9-holes].

Trenched and laid 1,100m new [sleeved] satellite/computer communication cable.

A new Hunter Pilot Command Centre software (CCS) was installed which creates a hydraulically safe and efficient daily golf course watering plan.

1. The watering plan manages the course within minutes, depth and including local ET data.

2.  It gains a complete view of the watering plan with colour-coded groups. Colours provide a simple automatic reminder that adjustments were made to specific areas and helps with problem resolution.

3.  It customises the watering plan according to specific daily needs of the course via the interactive map. This also monitors the stations as they are running over the entire 27 holes.



Command Centre: Organizes all the information you need for daily operation in one place.

Watering strategy: Makes daily changes and then allows management to choose a time to start watering. Pilot takes care of the rest.

Water and Wait: This feature breaks long runtimes into several short watering periods separated by a wait time. The wait time allows water to percolate into the root zone before more is applied.

Hydraulic model: Extends the life of the underground pipe network. The hydraulic model ensures water passing from the pump station to each sprinkler and travels at safe controlled velocities to prevent sudden spikes in pressure.

Watering window: Saves money on electricity by optimizing the watering window. Pilot’s hydraulic model produces water window efficiencies of 90% or better.