Stellenbosch Golf Club: Commencement of the installation of a New Hunter Pilot Decoder System.

Commencement of the new irrigation system for holes 12 and 13 began mid-August 2022 and was completed 16th September 2022.
It was agreed that the original mains pipeline was giving breakdown issues for the last 5 years or even longer.
That meant that the irrigation maintenance had to repair pipeline frequently, it was decided to implement a new main pipeline including new sprinklers,
lateral feeder pipes and control in stages – starting from the lower more critical area (12th and 13th holes) moving outward to eventually upgrade the entire course:
New system features and benefits:
  • Trenched and laid 900m of 250mm class12 OPVC main supply line.
  • Laid 3,000m new [sleeved] two-wire decoder control cable throughout.
  • Installed 2000m new HDPe lateral pipeline feeds c/w new isolation valves.
  • Installed 110 new decoder-in-head individually controlled sprinklers, new quick coupling hose watering points.
  • Installed a new integrated with the central computer a decoder satellite control hub to operate and control the new rotors.
  • The predominant soil condition did not require for any importation and backfilling of site materials. Some hard rock was found behind the 16th Green, but we used the good soil excavation on site as blanket and bedding all the mainlines as per manufactures specification.
  • Both 12th & 13th greens now back-to-back rotors upgraded to individual decoder-controlled sprinklers.