Otterbine Barebo

The TMI group has a range of Otterbine Barebo products including Aerators, Aerating Fountains, Decorative Fountains, Giant Fountains, Accessories Fountains to help you improve water quality and enhance your water features for any size water body, from ponds to lakes and even dams.

Our solutions are suitable for a variety of applications including Commercial, Residential, Municipal, and Industrial needs. We help a variety of clients with water quality management which is important for the environment, turf quality, irrigation and aesthetics of any golf course, park, commercial or residential property.

We use Otterbine solutions to both manage the quality of water and beautify any water body. Our aeration systems are designed to maintain healthy lakes, ponds and dams by maintaining ecological balance leading to avoid build-up of algae, bad smells and unattractive water bodies.

Otterbine Barebo Solutions

Surface systems provide the best aeration and vertical circulation in lakes less than 15ft deep. Mixing surface and bottom waters, they break-up the thermal stratification, while creating convection patterns that break-up mats and clumps of algae and discourage mosquitos from breeding.

Horizontal aspirators are ideal for lakes ranging from three to 12ft in depth that will benefit from a strong directional flow. By creating artificial currents in irregular shaped lakes, these aspirators break up algae mats in stagnant waters and are chosen when no spray pattern is desired.

Onshore air compressors pump air to diffuser manifolds at the bottom of a pond or lake. Most effective in waters 15ft or deeper, they also work in waters as shallow as 4ft. Generally, any bottom diffuser loses roughly half of its aeration capacity for every 3ft increment of depth shallower than 15ft.


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Otterbine Irrigation - Turfmanzi Irrigation
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