Otterbine Barebo

Otterbine Barebo

The TMI group has a range of Otterbine Barebo products including AeratorsAerating FountainsDecorative FountainsGiant FountainsAccessories Fountains to help you improve water quality and enhance your water features for any size water body, from ponds to lakes and even dams.

Our solutions are suitable for a variety of applications including CommercialResidentialMunicipal, and Industrial needs. We help a variety of clients with water quality management which is important for the environment, turf quality, irrigation and aesthetics of any golf course, park, commercial or residential property.

We use Otterbine solutions to both manage the quality of water and beautify any water body. Our aeration systems are designed to maintain healthy lakes, ponds and dams by maintaining ecological balance leading to avoid build-up of algae, bad smells and unattractive water bodies.

Why the Science of Water Management is Critical


1. Algae and Aquatic Weed Control

2. Odor Reduction

3. Reduction/Elimination of Chemicals

4. Phosphorus Reduction

5. Elimination of Fish Kills

6. Oxidation of Iron and Heavy Metals

7. Mosquito Breeding Deterrent

8. Beneficial to Aquatic Animal Life & Ecosystem

9. Prolongs the Life of the Pond/Lake

10. Public Safety:  Aeration Prevents Diseases Associated with Stagnant Water