What to Consider When Choosing an Irrigation System

What To Consider When Choosing An Irrigation System

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Irrigation systems have been helping landowners to maintain their landscapes and fields for many years now, and in some instances, such as agriculture, it represents an essential process for keeping soil and plant-life properly fed and healthy. Unfortunately, these systems come at quite a cost, and when selected and installed without care and consideration, these costs can mount quite quickly. Because of this it is necessary to plan out irrigation before you have it installed. These tips on how to make your selections properly will help you to do just that.

What Type of Soil do You Have?

The type of soil you are working with will have a massive impact on the irrigation system that you opt for. Sandy soil, for instance, will require frequent watering since moisture will not be as effectively held in it. This will keep the water in the soil’s root-zones where plants can get the best advantage from it. On tightly packed clay soil, infrequent watering might be necessary, or you may need to do it more regularly to prevent soil runoff. So think about the quality and nature of your soil carefully when selecting a system for your property.

What is the Topography of Your Land Like?

The layout and topography of your land will determine what type of system you can use in your soil. For instance, if it is hilled you will find that travellers are next to impossible to use since they are better for flat planes of land. However, you could make use of drip irrigation in these cases.

What is the Weather Like Where you Are?

The weather conditions you are faced with will make a difference to your choice as well. Particularly arid environments might pose a challenge of evaporation, while windy areas might make irrigation ineffective since water cannot easily be controlled. In these situations, drip irrigation is a good option.

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