When to Schedule an Irrigation Audit

When To Schedule An Irrigation Audit

Irrigation Audits

Your irrigation system is an essential component that makes keeping your landscape lush a fairly easy affair. Though when left unchecked, leaks and damages can cause a significant amount of water wastage, which makes it important for owners of irrigation systems to keep close tabs on their condition. Doing so requires you to conduct an irrigation audit, which can be done by yourself (if you are comfortable enough) or can come from a service provider. However you choose to do it, you’ll want to make sure you do it regularly enough, and at the right times.

What is Involved in an Irrigation Audit?

An irrigation audit basically involves you inspecting various areas of your irrigation system to ensure that all of its components, parts and fittings are working correctly. When doing so, one should pay close attention to the pipes and lines since these are areas where leaks and cracks are commonly found. Ice from water left over in the system may cause damage to pipes, and even where the system has been drained, so too can the growth of roots in nearby soil.

When is the Best Time To do It?

The best way to conduct audits is to do them twice a year. At the beginning of the season when they will be used, and at the end. This means that your first audit for the year should be when autumn comes to replace summer. At this time of year, you will be preparing to leave the system dormant throughout winter so that extreme conditions don’t damage it. Then, you should do another audit just before the system is expected to be in use again, nearing the beginning of spring.

Why Conduct an Irrigation Audit?

There are a number of reasons why audits should be done regularly. Firstly, it will allow you to spot any damaged parts and have them seen to before their condition worsens or damage spreads through your system, which can eventually be costly and time consuming to repair. Secondly, leaks and cracks in your system will not only cause it to perform weakly, but will also result in plenty of wasted water; upping your system’s running costs significantly.

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